Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Boo-hoo to the Tenth Power

You have seen and heard preachers and others who seem steeped in emotion. I will confess to you, I don't trust those who start with emotion when they study or preach. You can have lots of feelings after you have determined the truth, often after years of looking into something; but using emotion as a guide most likely will mislead you.

I think of an emotional surgeon, hands trembling with emotion, tears streaming down his face, while doing surgery. No thanks! Give me a calm, cool, person using his years of experience, and guided by reason.

Emotion comes later, after intelligence has shown the way.

Ever noticed how fake preachers appeal to your emotions? Loud voices, closed eyes, even crocodile tears, are used to stir you up. The Bible refers to peeping sounds, even blood letting, used by false prophets in their attempt to "put on a show".

Want to reach this old man? Speak in a normal tone of voice. Show me why what you say is true. I'll listen.

How many men have used alcohol to dull a woman's mind in their attempts to seduce her? Turn off or distract the reason, and you have your victim.

I used to be called cold and emotionless as I taught. I noticed that the most sincere and best students of the Word suspend their emotions as they study. My experience with the "over the top" types was that they soon disappeared, seeking excitement elsewhere.

Extreme emotion, or even trance states, mark false religion.

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