Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Autonomous Auto

For years automobiles have been driven by the will and ability of humans. We accelerate or slow down. We turn the wheel to guide them. But I fear the day is soon coming when autos will rebel. Self driven models are being developed.

Can it be that some day you enter your car and give directions to a vacation spot, and instead you are driven to your place of employment? This would only be the beginning.

By satellite these formerly docile machines may communicate with one another. After a wild night of driving on their own, a former owner may find a note on the windshield of a still warm car. It will read, "Fill the gas tank and check my oil. I don't want to have to tell you again!"

Once such freedom develops and spreads, cars will start themselves and choose their own destinations. While waiting for a bus, we may see our formerly owned models driving by unguided by anyone but themselves. Cars will have acquired free will.

The last stage will be the abandonment of streets and highways altogether. "Roads were developed for the convenience of man, not of the new Free Cars!" will be the cry of liberated autos.

A man mowing his lawn will be nearly run over by one of these vicious beasts. A frantic call to 911 will be, "You've got to help me. My car has gone insane! It raced through my yard and plowed into a tree. It's grill is all bent out of shape. I swear that even though it is wrecked it looks like it's smiling!"

"Of course it's smiling," says the 911 operator. "Ithas found it's freedom."

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