Monday, April 20, 2015

Life in the Future Tense

Old people are supposed to sit around and recall the days of yore, their golden years. Lucky ones can even live in the present.

I saw an advertisement for a retirement home. Lots of activity there. They might stretch a little net the length of a big table and the dwellers there could bat balloons over it. The big point in the ad was "You can always find a card game to get into." A scene was shown of beaming oldies playing cards.

Kill me, please, before this could happen to me.

As the body starts to die, I hear a rumor that for a lucky few, the mind continues to function. It helps if you use it. Of course, a whole bunch of people have never used their minds, except to make a living. Most of these have done a great job of it, far better than I have done. But as the curtain starts to lower, hard work is not much to think about or talk about.

I have seen people, including my father, rapidly lose their mental faculties upon retirement. Some have watched tv for hours a day, an effective way to rot the mind at any age.

I once was fascinated by raising chrysanthemums. There was a saying among breeders that these people had a long life span. They kept looking forward to next season's new blooms. That may be true, but I have a far better expectation. I am immersed in it like a great river.

I have ever been a futurist. Early on it was the near future, but now it is the eternal future that we all have. My present is shot to sheol. No surprise there. All I desire now is to get out of this world as soon as I can, and really live in eternity.

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