Saturday, April 11, 2015

Men Size One Another Up

Or so I hear. The one who claimed this said men see each other as potential foes. They see a man who is a little twerpy and think, "I could take this guy." Others think of how much money or influence they have, compared to the men they meet.

"You a ball player?", I heard a barber say, with glowing eyes, as he sized up an athletic customer.

Wowee, to be big and strong. I am not so impressed. I wait to hear a man talk. How well does he speak, and about what?

Now I'll tell you a secret. I want to know what he has read. You don't read? Forget it. Men should be more than "hewers of wood and drawers of water". They should think. Christian men need to read, even negative things, contrary to their precious opinions.

I used to meet men who have practically memorized all the Biblical points that they think support their ignorant ideas. As we would talk, I found they had not tested their views, tried to break them down, or tried to prove themselves wrong. They had overweening confidence in their congregations or their pastors to "back them up".

This is defensive thinking. First, form your ideas (or inherit them), then try to defend them with as much evidence as you can muster. They ignore scriptures that contradict them. "You must defend your beliefs so you will not have to change your mind."

At best, these are lazy thinkers. At worst, they are not thinkers at all, just playback machines.

I have met men and women, such as college professors, that merely parrot the party line. Many would lose their jobs if they did not. Pastors would. This means they are job-scared cowards. Though able to think, they dare not.

Being a total loner, as I am, means you are free from such restraints. Anything you join waters your thinking down.

Please listen to the short video link below. It is J. I. Packer trying to defend the indefensible. J. I., who recently yielded his obedience to the Pope. He is as high as possible in the esteem of Covenant theologians. Prime ass-kissing material for those who prefer their intellects over the Bible. As he struggles, faking it all the way, you could almost pity him.

Watch What is Hell? J. I. Packer.

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