Sunday, April 5, 2015

Another Way to be Manly

I'm too little to be manly, only 5'7". It was ok many years ago when people were smaller.

But now people, especially women, want big guys. Psychologists say ladies feel safe with a big boyfriend or husband. The wolves are out there and are ready to close in.

What about the metaphysical wolves howling "at the door"? Same thing. Big guys make much more money overall.

Big has always been "in". That means I've always been "out".

I have rather small hands. My wife said they were for turning pages. That is what this is all about.

If you cannot stun an ox with one blow, or excel in football or basketball, you still can be manly in a way that is often neglected. You can protect your family and earn quite a lot, too.

It is simple. Learn the Word of God and teach your family. Even more, lead them.

When you see a hunky man with his lady on his arm, have you ever wondered, is this man capable of wise council? Can he show the way through the satanic swamps of this world? Or does he dress up on Sunday and "go to church"?

Shucks, the preacher and Sunday School teacher will teach them all they need to know. That's what we pay them for, after all. An hour a week should do it.

Then, to home and TV. Father can "bond" with his sons while watching athletes. This is manly. Girls can cuddle up with their smart phones. Families live together without Godly leadership.

The wolves may indeed attack once in awhile. But the Devil is after you and your family all the time. He never sleeps.

So even little guys can be protectors.

What about superior earnings? Those come at the Bema throne of Christ.

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