Thursday, April 16, 2015

Willingly Ignorant

For this they willingly are ignorant of, 2 Peter 3:5

For those who believe that their destiny is entirely of their own free will, I ask, is your ignorance also a result of your choice? It is commonly heard today that "we are drowning in a sea of information". But has this not always been so? Who has ever known all there is to know?

Let me say that, rather, many are drowning in a sea of ignorance, and this as a result of choice. Peter says it of the skeptics in his time.

I heard a young lady explain her lack of knowledge concerning something she should have been aware of in this way: "They didn't teach us that in school." As if learning stops at school and is restricted to school subjects.

I expect this of the world. Nothing new there. But how about in the church? Imagine the excuse of, "they don't teach that in my church."

A young man proudly told me of his computer program that could display four football games on his screen at the same time. I mean, how good can it get? Being negative, I imagined the prospect of having four commercials on at a time, but that's just me.

Are we--will we be--accountable, for not knowing the basic truths in the word of God? For our own joy and freedom should we not explore things that each church neglects to tell us?

I have never known of any church that teaches the whole truth, nor any that does not present awful errors. The days of the Bible chained to the pulpit are over. Men were burned to death who translated God's Word and made it available in the common person's language. Only you are responsible for teaching yourself. No one else is.

Before the screens go blank, and before you go blank, you can plunge into the Bible. Some people even start in Genesis! Instead of being willingly ignorant, you will be "willingly knowledgeable".

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