Saturday, April 4, 2015

Classical Gas

Years ago on "60 Minutes" I watched a segment on the changes in art throughout history. In the background they played a piece called "Classical Gas". I asked a good friend. She said it was by Mason Williams.

While the music, guitar and brass played, a film began with art classics, paintings in a representational style. As the music increased in tempo, more modern art was shown, until it was rapidly flashed. The impression was of art melting, losing its form and meaning.

I like art in its various styles and ages, beginning with Giotto up until the "what it means to me" art comes in. There once were objective standards in paintings. No one need ask what Vermeer was "trying to say". Now it has become a self-indulgent joke. I'm not complaining though, just an observer of the changing times.

I expect the church to go the same way, as it ceases to be a church, or separated group, distinct from the world. Right on schedule, I would think. Don't try to repair it as it dies. All the wrinkle creams won't make it young again. Its demise was foreordained.

I don't lament the decline of things. I just look forward to leaving the so-called problems of the world and its "emergent church". Hands off that which cannot be changed. Nothing stays the same except Jesus. and He is all I want.

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