Friday, April 3, 2015

A Plan to Rob the Bank, or Where Will Anti-christ Come from?

I just listened to an excellent video on end-times prophecy. The teacher was very well-informed and a good presenter. Yet, like many others, he speculated on where Antichrist will come from. He even wondered if he will arise from within the United States.

Do we not have more specific Biblical guidelines than that? I believe we do. Not to predict who he will be, but to recognize him after he appears.

Imagine the police stopping a car for a traffic violation. The occupant looks suspicious, so they decide to search the car. Immediately , they find a detailed drawing of a nearby bank. It has information on the locks, alarms, and a combination of the bank's vault. When questioned about this, the man in the car says, "This diagram is not important. It is only about a robbery that occurred a long time ago. I'm just a kind of bank robbery historian." This explanation satisfies the police and they send the man on his way.

In the same way, those studying the information on Alexander the Great, in the book of Daniel, have a lot of information that we may apply to Anti-christ. Many students believe that Alexander is a type for this end time ruler. If this is valid, then we may eliminate much speculation on where he comes from. Certainly not from the U.S., or from any country in Europe, such as Germany, which was once a popular idea. For Europe was not the target of Alex's efforts. The East was.

By itself, this may appear pretty "thin", but Revelation backs up the idea of the Greek Empire as the future location from which the "Man of Sin"arises. Chapter 17, verses 8 through 11 give us some very valuable insights. Verse 8 tells us of a beast that "was, and is not, and yet is". Is to return, that is.

This knocks out the Roman empire. For when Revelation was written, the Roman empire certainly was not over. It had yet to attain the height of its power.

But what about the preceding power, the one before Rome? Since Rome is the 7th mountain upon which the Woman has sat, Greece would be the 6th. It is said to be over, yet will return.

Many (including myself) maintain that the Beast will arise from the restored Greek empire. Some even believe that he will be Alexander, back from the dead. The Greek empire will not rule the world. That will be restored Rome. But it will be the area from which the Beast comes.

This does not give us an exact area, but it eliminates Europe and America. We may cease to wonder about Obama, as some do. Neither Kenya nor Hawaii are in view here.

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