Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Tribute to Clarence Larkin

I went from a bookstore that had been a saloon to a fancy down town place that had an elevator. Both places sold really neat books, fundamental, in fact. A common factor was the books of Clarence Larkin.

He died in 1924, so he was pretty much a lonely pioneer. He is famous for his charts and drawings.

I saw a cartoon in "Christianity Today." It showed angels blowing trumpets. A man holding a prophetic chart looks up and says, "You're early." Ha, ha.

A lot of people hate prophecy charts. I love them.

Larkin's books stood out as a way to understand complex ideas. He helped me so much. I never had a mentor to discuss things with. I was a member of churches which ignored my favorite subject, or mocked it. They could not disprove Larkin, or, later, Walvoord, so they called them kooks, beneath their contempt.

Ever notice how those who rule over the common people lose contact with them? Kind of makes you think of our government.

So, instead of comingling with the elite, I spent years with books written so that normal people could use them to understand the deep things of God. Church heirarchies hate this, but the so-called laity loved these books which I passed out among them. It was like a latter-day reformation, only within the church.

Larkin led the way for so many of us. I love the man. I will always be grateful to him for what he did for us.

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