Friday, June 21, 2013

The Search for Princess Bunita’s Mate

"The Rabbits Are a Timid Race, Their Weakness is Their Strength
To shun a Gun a Bun Will Run to Almost any length."

Princess Bunita was of age to marry. But a suitable husband was sought. Her father, the rabbit king, wanted the most cowardly rabbit he could find to marry her. Brave rabbits, those who sought to stand and fight, were disqualified right away. They would leave Bunita a widow and her babies fatherless.

So went a fascinating children’s story I read over 50 years ago. It ended happily. A cautious, timid, bunny husband was finally found and won the princess’s paw in marriage.

What a moral for young and old today. For there are those, many ex-service men, who plan to duke it out with the U.S. military and their auxiliaries. Brave men and women, but with a fixed military mind set totally off base. Forget Lexington Green.

In those years both sides of the conflict were equally armed. Today, drones, and fighter jets guided by satellites, make for a totally unequal conflict. Armored vehicles can be deployed in city streets. Public water supplies can be turned off, as with sewage and electricity. A card may be necessary in order to buy food, if any is available.

This is not prophecy, it is history, as in The Great Hunger, a study of population control in Russia, by denying people access to food.

A new situation has arisen and a new way of meeting it is in order. Over a generation ago young people asked, “What if they held a war and nobody came?” Amen, brothers and sisters. You were so right. Wise rabbits do not seek an unequal fight. Can we be as smart as they are?

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