Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Israel's History in Her Temples

I may not have much time-at all. I wish to share a very simple plan for understanding the history, present status, and future of Israel. It is very simple and foolproof. Read of her temples in the Bible.

We who are Christ's do not have temples. We are temples. But Israel has met God in temples, beginning with the temple of Solomon which was destroyed in 586 B.C., to the restored temple at the time of Jesus. I could look up all the scriptures, but is 2:47 in the morning and I feel I must set this down.

The presence of the Glory of God in His temple is an even deeper way to know the state of Israel. But for now, it is the literal structures I have in mind. You may already know all this. Forgive me if this is so, but for one who does not I offer this very simple plan.

Israel has always been God's people, and always will be. But only when she has her temple, with God's Shikinah Glory there, is she God's nation. This is a very important distinction.

You may say, "Is Israel not a nation now? She was restored by U.N. mandate in 1947." I will simply answer "No." Simple as that. The Zionist attempt to try to create Israel was, and is now, a complete hoax.

We all have heard "Where's the beef?" I will rephrase it. "Where's the temple?" This, to some, is an outrageous statement on my part. I will go even farther. I will say Israel was not a nation at the time of Christ.

"But what about the temple?" one may ask. Again I will say, "Israel at the time of Christ had a temple, but the Glory of the Lord had long ago departed from it. Israel was a vassal state which paid tribute to Rome."

Am I one of those who say that God has turned away forever from His Nation to the church? Many would say so. Israel is like a hibernating bear, asleep in a cave. Someone has dragged her out of her den, but there is no conciousness in her. She is in abayence. God's covenant with her still stands, but it is not yet time.

I imagine a football team. They seem to be losing, so the coach benches his star quarterback. In his place, he puts a new quarterback in the game. Rumors go through the crowd. The coach is finished with this old player. He will be fired. Others say, "But this player has a contract. It is ironclad."

You see, like the original quarterback, Israel has been "benched", but her covenant with God still is valid. She is still on his team. Meanwhile the church is in the game. When the first half is over, the old quarterback will still have his job, just as Israel will play again for God. He will be put back on the field.

It is now 3:27 a.m. so I close with this thought. Please remember the temple idea. Israel now has no temple. But she will have one. It is in Ezekiel 40-48. Israel and the Church are both on God's team. It is just a matter of timing.

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