Friday, June 14, 2013


And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write; Revelation 3:7

The days of an America as portrayed by Norman Rockwell are long past. Your grandparents may remember them, but it is gone. A wonderful description of what the nation is becoming is in a book by Thomas Chittum. He is more than a military historian, but has been a rifleman in wars on three continents.

He is the ultimate realist. In a recent interview he said that this country was born in blood and will die in blood. "Drown in blood," I believe he said. His wonderful book, Civil War Two, on this subject is now much sought after.

Recently people from drug-infested Philadelphia were interviewed. Their description of their town is where I got the title. I used to spend weekends there when I was stationed at Ft. Dix. I went to the historic sites, touched the Liberty Bell on its yoke of hackberry wood.

High on a dome is a statue of Benjamin Franklin. The shattered neighborhoods of much of this city would be beyond the belief of Ben, were he to see them today. This is not a lament, it is a description of what we have become.

Do I believe it will ever change? Yes, it will become far worse. I am so thankful that my heavenly home is far beyond such harm and sorrow.

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