Sunday, June 30, 2013

They Love to Kill

Katrina Blair and others have identified a bunch of plants that could save our lives. In her case she identified thirteenn plants that she says thrive where people live and on every continent. As I researched these plants I found that references were almost always how to get rid of them--how to kill each plant. Yet in other countries many of them are grown as food plants or at least used if found in the wild state.

It seems that the Great American Dream is to live surrounded by a lawn that resembles Astro Turf. This lawn must be mowed to keep it very short, even in hot, dry, weather. The sound of mowers seems to be the demonstration of manhood. "My lawn is better than your lawn!" G.B. Shaw said that man proves his strength by his destructiveness.

I had a mullein growing in the roadside in front of my house. I went out of my way not to disturb it. It is one of my all-time favorite plants. After it had grown about three feet tall I found it crushed to the earth. Marks in the nearby earth showed that someone had driven off the pavement to run over the mullein and destroy it. The plant had marred the terrain by standing tall above the others.

Not only are such people the great destroyers of any plant that dares to rise above its fellows, I do believe they are of the ilk that wants to level off people too. How dare anyone try to be different, to stand out against a uniform world?

Thankfully, there is a very different group that loves creation, that eats so called noxious weeds and even thrives on them. The men grow ragged beards as soon as they can, and the ladies wear a kind of muu muu and have hair dos that look like Cousin Itt's. There's a face in there somewhere. But I love them and what they do.

Could it be that God in his graciousness has provided us with wild food aplenty for those who not only LET IT LIVE, but even nurture it? When grocery shelves are empty these people will not starve. I hope the others are buried in nice, neat graveyards where the grass is always mowed.

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