Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Own a Vitamin Plant

I feel like a big shot. Imagine owning a highly technical vitamin plant. My factory mainly makes Omega-3 vitamins. The same as are found in fish--very necessary and nutritious.

But may I say, I make no money from the manufacturing of this vitamin making concern. In fact I have recently spent several dollars investment money to get control of more plants. But this is a non profit operation.

With me at the helm that is no problem. I plan to have many more plants soon. Expansion is in the air. We only operate in the warm months of the year, so being CEO is a snap.

I would love to move farther south and keep my plants in operation even longer. I really don't know the technical end of the business. All I know is that it is highly complicated. But it works.

And there are never any labor disputes. Think of that. My workers are non-union and get no wages at all. They are happy just to get blazing sunshine and a little water. They spring up all over it seems.

So, though I am not a big shot, I do look forward to having many, many purslane plants. The ones I have are ready to be transplanted.

I don't have a private jet or a helicopter. I'll have to settle for a walker. But I plan to keep in touch with them all.

I can hear my English teacher saying, "You call this a transition?"

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