Saturday, June 15, 2013

Thank You for Becoming Small

"You think you big? You think you BIG?
You ain't big, I tell you who big.
I big, that who big."

How's that for telling someone off? I have had all kinds of people loom over me to show me how big they were. I've had church big shots try to loom over me. Since I am only five foot seven you might think it would work. But I don't "loom" well. It only raises my ire.

What gets to me though, are the small ones. Small children, little kittens--they touch me.

I was walking to school in the rain, when a big dog began to bark at a little boy in a rain outfit. His mother had sent him off well dressed for the rain. But his raincoat made a rustling sound as he walked, and the big dog, Rookie, got upset by it. Rookie was the only dog I have ever known that had a negative I.Q.

By now, the little boy was crying. I bent over to him and said, "Don't worry about him. He's really a softie." I called Rookie over and told him to "sit". He did, and then I told him to "give paw." He shook hands with the little boy who then stopped crying.

Our gracious God could frighten us to death if He so chose. He told Moses that His face would consume him. When it was the fulness of time He became small, a baby. Every one can appreciate the tenderness of a baby.

It is apparent that Jesus was not big. He was no Saul. When it was time for Judas to betray him, Judas did not tell the Roman soldiers, "He is that big man over there." Rather he singled him out with a kiss.

Thank you Lord for becoming small. Thank you for weeping at the tomb of Lazarus. Thank you, even, for stumbling under the weight of your cross. We see how human you were. You became like us. We have every reason to love you as you became a man.

Then you resurrected, so we could see you as God. Thank you for becoming great once more, so we can worship you.

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