Sunday, June 16, 2013

She Hates God

A good friend tells me that she hates God. Her best friend has had a severe stroke and has been consigned to a hospice. The belief of all is that her friend will soon be dead. She asked me why her friend is being taken from her. Is this the act of a loving God? For she is convinced that God has done this to her.

She cringed at my reply to her. She dreaded a barrage of scriptures from me, showing her that she is wrong. I sent her none. Nor was I one bit shocked. To say that one hates God is as common as a child screaming at a parent because they insist the child wear a certain garment to school. I know God can take it.

Martin Luther was asked if he did not love God. "Love him?" he replied. "Sometimes, I hate Him!"

Now a non-believer might be tempted to say, in both cases, "A lover's spat." I would agree. When Jacob wrestled with the angel all night do we think Jacob was filled with loving thoughts?

A daughter said to her mother, concerning a certain boy, "I hate him. I never want to see him again!" Her mother told her, "When I hear a girl say she hates, with tears in her eyes, I don't believe her."

My friend thought she might have gone too far in what she said, that she would lose my friendship. As if I was some kind of "Holy Joe" that would be fatally shocked by her remarks. Should I tell her that I've heard it before, including from those who really meant it?

I sent my friend no scriptures, as she requested. I won't argue with her. She is not going through a spiritual or "truth problem". She knows better. So I let her go. God is ready when she is.

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