Wednesday, March 4, 2015

All, or Nothing at All

You know how I rave about Zechariah--its concentrated prophecies. But I confess, it starts in a very puzzling manner. I have heard skilled interpreters struggle with its various colored horses, its horns and carpenters. It would have been refreshing had they said, "I don't understand this part, so let's just skip it."

To many, misunderstanding one part of the Bible may cause them to abandon reading the rest. Some times it is very hard to understand writings that refer to thousands of years ago. But read on. The future is there, too.

There are wonderful people who can make complicated things simple. Find such a specialist if you care to know more.

There is a true story about a plumber who wrote to the government about a discovery he had made. Clogged drains could be opened up by pouring hydrochloric acid into them. A government agency letter replied, "We do not advocate the use of acidic substances in drains as it has a deleterious effect on the metallic fixtures."

The plumber wrote back. "I am glad you like my idea. Do you think I could patent it?"

The correspondence continued like this until an understanding man wrote to the plumber. "Do not use hydrochloric acid to clear clogged drains. It eats hell out of the pipes."

We all have trouble from time to time in understanding certain scriptures. Read on until you do understand, unless you can find a teacher as good as the man who wrote to the plumber.

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