Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mr. Smarty Pants on Getting an Education

Dear Smarty Pants, O Exalted One,
What gives you the right to preach to people as if you are some fount of wisdom? From what I can gather from your meanderings, you only have an associate degree and have read some books. Does this qualify you to sound off as if you were some kind of expert?

Dear Skeptical questioner, You are proving my point. Yes, my formal education is not very good. But I have been writing since 2009 to show that a person with little formal education, who reads and uses Bible study aids, can gather a lot of knowledge. What I have learned can be checked in the Bible to see if it is true.

I have read thousands of hours because, for years I could read on company time. Not only the Bible, but a wide range of secular books. In thousands of hours you will find you can build a good knowledge base and can debate with people who have had a far more extensive formal education.

The more you denigrate my formal education, the more you prove my point. It is hours of reading and thinking, not degrees, that can equip anyone with knowledge.

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