Friday, March 27, 2015

The Man at the Bus Stop

A man waits in the growing darkness at a bus stop. His weather alert radio goes off warning him of approaching storms.

Soon a cab stops next to him and the driver jumps out and shouts, "If you don't get in my cab, you will die and burn throughout eternity. There are no other cabs."

Would the man want to get in the taxi and go with the driver? Or would he prefer to take his chances on the street?

Let us say that the man considers the cab driver who warns him a total lunatic, and does not get in with him.

It happens every day that people who witness for Christ do so by threatening people with a hell where they will burn in torment forever.

Now let us imagine the same man, apprehensive of nightfall and the approaching storm, hearing a driver say to him, "Mister, there is a bad storm coming. If you stay here, the tornado over there will kill you. If you get in I'll take you to a shelter where the storm won't get you. I'm on my way there now."

Are we talking about "sales techniques" or of just telling the truth? Scaring people with mythology used to work. Now it is a turnoff. Also, incidentally, it is an unscriptural lie.

In witnessing, as in preaching, there is no better way to communicate with the lost and uninformed than speaking the truth in a calm voice.

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