Thursday, March 26, 2015

Show Me Just One Church

Show me just ONE church that does not promote Satanic doctrines. I mean really push them.

Imagine a fire sale on "hell". That sort of thing.

Imagine a man walking with his wife when they meet a man coming towards them. The stranger looks at the woman and says "Hi, bitch." The husband goes into fight mode. But his wife tries to calm him down by saying, "It's ok, he did tip his hat."

So we go to churches that carry the Devil's freight in doctrine and practice, but tip the hat to conventional Christianity.

I'll make you a bet. If you continue to go to such a church, smile at everyone, shake hands with the preacher, but withhold any money--I mean everyone does it--how long before you'll hear from someone?

They may say, "There were no contributions last week. What goes? Is everybody so needy that they can't support the church?"

You answer, "Oh, it's not that. We have plenty of money, but we will not contribute any more to a church that supports false doctrine and honors the spirit of the world."

How long would it be before the elders, deacons, or presbytery, would hold an emergency meeting, (even during Super Bowl Sunday) and ask, "What the hell is going on? No contributions mean no church buildings and no jobs."

Here is my bet. If the church leaders found out that false beliefs equaled no contributions, I'll bet they would drop the false beliefs. Ergo, when you contribute to such a church, you are paying for the teaching of lies.

So what harm is there in this?

Use that argument on God at the judgement seat of Christ.

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