Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Great Mystery of Death - There is No Mystery

As a young man, I remember my mother saying that no one has ever come back from the world of the dead to tell us what lies beyond. She feared death as she neared it later in life.

She had faithfully attended a Methodist church, but they neglected to tell her about this "mystery". Since their membership follows the pagan Roman Catholic teachings concerning immortal souls and the mythical place of everlasting torment--hell--it is better that they remained silent. All she had been taught was wrong. Not that they had time for such things anyway. Business and self-improvement took up all their time.

So I will say, in her honor, that there is no mystery about death. Jesus came back from the dead. Lazarus (the real one) came back from the dead, and a number of others. Strange is it not that they had no stories to tell us? At least according to common belief, it is strange. No stories to tell us because until they were resurrected, they were dead.

I told you that all of my efforts will change no one's mind on this point. But those who cling to pagan beliefs cannot say that they never heard that there is no hell or immortal souls to suffer in it. But they will not even listen to Luther who laughed at immortal souls. So, I figure I am in good company on this point. Perhaps, if a subject was announced as "The mystery of your honesty" or "The mystery of your wife's chastity", that would draw some attention.

Why do we pay people to tell us lies? Church doctrine is followed more than Bible doctrine almost every time.

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