Monday, March 23, 2015

They Cut Down My Tree

I had a beautiful, decorative tree in the front of my apartment. It had shiny leaves and fragrant blossoms in the Spring. But a storm took it down almost completely. A crew came with chainsaws, cut it into logs and hauled it away.

Guess I should be sad or angry--something like that. But now I can see the nearby woods, a view formerly blocked by the beautiful tree. I can watch the setting sun's last rays light up the distant trees.

My life itself, like my nearby little tree, is about to end. My reaction? Finally!

As I gaze at the tall trees in the distance, I think, if the little tree nearby was still standing, I could not see this distant vista, and I like it this way. My next view will be of heaven. The details of the world and my life were in the way of the Big Picture all along.

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