Friday, March 20, 2015

God is Either Trying to Save all people and Failing, Or is Saving His Elect, and Succeeding Every Time

Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. John 1:13

If God is trying to save all people, then He is failing. All people since the beginning have not even heard a message of salvation. Most live their lives in ignorance, then die. I say this to head off the argument that unsaved people are lost because of their choice. You can't reject a message you have not heard.

An example is all the unborn babies who died in the flood and never heard any message at all. All babies for that matter.

To remedy this flaw in their argument, those who misunderstand John 3:16 (who have never studied it) have invented the "age of accountability", which says that under the age of twelve we are not held accountable for being born in sin. I ask, if babies were not held accountable back in the flood days, why did God kill them? Would killing babies (as in abortion) guarantee their salvation?

The Bible has a much simpler explanation. God has chosen His elect before the world was made. He saves His elect just as Noah and his family were saved and lets the non-elect die. No elect persons died in the flood, just as they are not lost today.

Using "free will" as a basis for salvation will not do. God's saving of His elect is not dependent on the will of man being for or against it. Unsaved man is corrupt and fallen. He is unable to do any good, as in "choosing God".

John the Baptist responded to the Holy Spirit while in his mother--too young for even a Baptist to use his free will.

C.S. Lewis became aware that he was one of the elect while visiting the Whipsnade Zoo. He described it as not believing in Jesus when he went to the Zoo, but being a believer on is return. The "most miserable convert in all of England". Miserable, because he did not choose to believe, but realized he was one of God's chosen because God had chosen him. As a college prof he had chosen not to believe, yet God's irresistable will outvoted him. The zoo trip was his road to Damascus.

Our will cannot choose correctly. It is fallen. We are not saved because of ANYTHING we do, including choose God.

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