Saturday, March 21, 2015

Is it Church Theology or Bible Theology?

Be nice if they were the same would it not? But through the years people seem to choose a church over the Word of God.

I told you about a Watchtower Society lady who used to knock on my door. She was like a bulldog--kept coming back. Her final words were, "Our religion is based on the Bible." When told that many diverse groups say that, she replied, "But ours really is." I told her that they say that too. Upon hearing this she seemed to deflate somewhat, which surprised me.

I have a New Age translation which the Society has produced to support their beliefs. I do not shut the door on these people. I hear them out, but usually they will not listen to you.

Once I had a very good talk with two men from the Witnesses. One especially did listen. But in my most recent confrontation, two nice guys just would not. I kept telling him that I had heard it all before and read their books, going back to the late twenties. Nothing would stop his spiel.

I feel that the Watchtower Society has found serious errors that have crept into the real church. An investigation will prove them right. But they do not have Christ, and , like the Mormons, that is their fatal flaw.

I am aware of many errors taught today in true Christian churches. Accretions, a geologist might call them. We should completely get rid of beliefs we cannot find in the Bible, like popes, and the mass, for instance.

There are grievous errors, even in my favorite Bible, the King James. Many will turn away if you say that. I once did.

How wonderful it would be if men could come together and discuss things! Instead there is anger. I believe this fierce anger comes from insecurity--fear that we cannot support our beliefs. Like little children, people get angry and run home to momma. In this case momma is the church, or a preacher, not the Bible.

We lose our opportunity to witness (or be witnessed to) when we depart from God's Word. Like Galileo's foes we may be afraid to "look through the telescope". This can end up with groups of very good Christians who will not even talk to one another.

A lady who was denying all religion said to me, "What's the use? You'll never change your mind!" I asked if she was willing to.

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