Sunday, March 22, 2015

Parsnips in Heaven

I look forward to a great feast some day. The host will be Jesus. The guests will be all the saints. There will be many who have been resurrected from the dead. There will also be many who were raptured alive, but we'll all be there.

Such a feast, though I believe in it with all my heart, is beyond my imagining. I believe it will be totally literal. But what we will eat is a mystery to me. That is why I mentioned parsnips.

I am not trying to be trivial, though it may sound that way. But some roasted parsnips with butter and a glass of wine would make me very happy. I am sure God will have a wonderful menu. Every good thing will be on it.

As a five year old I was offered some angel food cake. I was awed. I was sure it was the kind of cake angels ate. But for now, I would be happy with buttered parsnips.

I plan to shut up (a miracle in itself) and revel in the wonderful table talk. We will no longer just read the wonderful words of John, Paul, and Peter. We will meet them face to face, and I intend to listen.

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