Sunday, March 8, 2015

God's Great Genocide

Genocide. That means killing a lot of people, doesn't it? Now why would I be thinking about that, especially as an act of God?

I heard a story on the morning news about a college girl who was raped at a party by a football team. Onlookers cheered and took pictures. A doctor who examined her saw many blunt force bruises, indicating multiple "partners", he said.

That is why I am thinking of God's genocide.

It is impossible for many Christians to think of God as killing many people, like billions of them. They ignore the flood of Noah's day. They do not like to think of the Great Tribulation, the Great White Throne and its killing by means of the Lake of Fire. They much prefer thinking "nice" thoughts and an only-loving, always- forgiving God. So they do.

Much of the Bible must be ignored or even contradicted by these people. They must ignore Romans chapter nine, for example. Perhaps if their daughter had been the girl at the party, they would feel differently. But the non-elect will overshadow them, numerically.

I am totally sick of delusional thinkers. Those who refuse to see how evil the world is.

Proof? If you read the Bible you will see what God will do to it. He will destroy all of the non-elect and clean the world with unquenchable fire. Now really, would He do that if the world and its people were not evil?

I hope I never have to meet another "positive-thinking" person again. They make the truth of God and his Bible to be a lie.

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