Monday, March 9, 2015

Truth in [Brackets]

Poor little brackets! They are like little arms offering a delicious treat that almost no one wants.

The person preparing and offering the treat--say some home baked bread--has their labor shunned, because someone only eats store-baked bread. "It's traditional," they say. "Our family has only eaten the old style bread, so that is all I'll eat." No matter how hard and long the baker has worked in joyful anticipation that someone would eat their bread, it is turned down. Tradition rules the day.

This is how I feel about those who will not read the correct translation of the Bible's words in the brackets of a study Bible. The King James, or Authorized Version, is the subject of a cult.

I just looked at an attempt by Jack Chick to justify the use of "Easter" in Acts 12:4. He gets a lot of inquiries on this point. "Easter" is used only one time in the KJV. No other Bible translation that I have seen uses "Easter", at all. But Jack, and others, prefer to use "Easter", even though Luke says Passover.

There are a lot of people to whom being fundamental means adhering to the King James and its terrible errors. To them, the KJV is the Bible. All other translations are compared to it. But shockarama, the KJV is not the Bible. It is a very beautiful translation of the Bible. There are editions of the KJV that retain its language, but offer true translations of its errors in brackets.

The great error of the King James is to enthrone "hell" in the hearts and minds of the unsuspecting. Like Easter, hell has been inserted into the word of God. To the KJV cultists, the modern trend of disbelief in hell is blasphemy. To me, it is a waking up to the deception of the Roman Catholic church.

The use of hell is the greatest fund raiser of all time. When you see St. Peter's cathedral, remember that it was funded by selling indulgences to buy people out of hell.

Hold out your arms, little brackets. I'll eat your bread.

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