Saturday, March 8, 2014

Extraterrestrial or Pre-flood?

My mother was a rebel, quiet and gentle. When she was admitted to a hospital, she gave her religion as Jehovah's Witness and her political party as Socialist. She voted for Norman Thomas the Socialist. Such a departure from the norm of a Methodist Lady of those times!

Later, I found that she did so in rebellion against what she felt were the evils in both religion and politics. She was open to minorities and social outcasts too.

When I read the words of Solomon about there being nothing new under the Sun, she got angry, and said, "I suppose they have always had television too!" Now my mother in law took a different tack, and one in conformity with the Bible. She was convinced that there was indeed "nothing new under the Sun." She believed that pre-flood civilization held all these things and perhaps more.

As a young man I was shocked to find that my then-worshipped science was not the realm of objective truth. Within geology, biology, and archeology, for instance, there is a law of "conform or perish". That is, conform to a Godless world view, or be left out of those disciplines.

Today there is much talk of "extraterrestrial artifacts". As if, according to these people, beings from outer space came to the Earth and piled up stones in order to worship the Sun. I believe in beings from the starry heaven. Three places in the Bible--Genesis 6, Daniel 8, and Revelation 12--confirm them.

But what is ignored by many, is the giant relics of a pre-flood civilization. Structures we could not replicate today are visible all over the world. They do not conform to the idea of mankind slowly working its way up from amoeba and are thus ignored.

Rather, our so called upward climb has been a recovery from the Flood of Noah's time. What existed before the flood is a forbidden subject.

Watch Artifacts of the Last Global Civilization.

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