Friday, March 21, 2014

Letting Go of the World

"When we love one thing less, we love another more."

So many things and people in this world have held my interest and affection. The people still do.

My dream boats must be sold, and my books. My greenhouse will be sold, and finally my lot with the trailer on it, where my wife and I once lived. When death ended our very good marriage, I began letting go. Her love and our good times together died when she did. My own life, ebbing away, has sealed it.

I think of little things, like beloved pets that we saw die, and the big things like dreams that will be unfulfilled. Except for beloved friends, I have given up on all things, even this life itself.

But this is not my lament, but a statement of hope and happiness.

Two doctor visit's ago, I told my doctor I was about ready to stop taking my prescriptions and to let nature run its course. I remember his strange, sad look. On the next visit, he told me that I had leukemia. Perfect timing! Without medical intervention it should not take long.

I feel sorry for those I will leave behind. Maybe I could have done something of use for them.

You know my belief, of which I have more than ample Biblical evidence, that we are mortal. We will live again through the power of resurrection that Jesus won for us. There was a book titled Life Begins at Forty. Pretty catchy one at that. But for me, life will begin with death.


  1. Yes, we are quite mortal. Know that the beginning of your new life will be marked here with sorrow as few people write with your eloquence,wisdom,insight and your humanity.