Monday, March 17, 2014

Mr. Smarty Pants on Amaranth

Dear Smarty Pants,
I read your entry on amaranthus and watched the video on harvesting it. In your enthusiasm you failed to mention which variety is being harvested.

S.P.. As far as I can see, the variety is Amaranthus hypochondriacus. Did you notice the ones that were not harvested? They are red and look like flowers. There are many varieties that pop up in these plants. They are extremely adaptable, and all the varieties are useful and edible.

Q. How are homeless people or released prisoners going to be able to afford seeds and gardening tools?

S.P. For as little as 3 or 4 dollars you can get the seeds. No chemicals are needed. In total poverty situations, digging sticks can be used. Then nature will take over. Each plant produces about two hundred thousand or more seeds. These could be given or bartered to other growers. I'll bet that many farmers suffering from drought wish they had planted amaranthus.

Q. Do you really believe your dreams are practical?

S,P. It depends on how desperate people become. That applies to gardeners and people with land to rent.

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