Monday, March 10, 2014

Talk About Bread

I just received a charming e-mail. A lady told me of eating a new kind of bread. It has eight grains in it: wheat, oats, triticale, barley, amaranth, flax, corn and rye. I was happy that she printed amaranth in bold type. She knows I am fascinated by this pseudo grain. She will be growing some this season to store in canning jars.

Found out that a regular sized loaf weighs 3 pounds. You can see how people once lived on such bread. It is said that at one time amaranth was 80% of the Aztec diet. When this grain was denied them, they began to sicken and die.

A famine is anticipated, not just a shortage of food, however high-priced. This famine will be of pure food, unmodified genetically. Yesterday I heard that the market for such food in the US has reached 12% of our food budget. It is a rapidly growing sector, being demanded by people who have become awake.

What about this wonderful bread? It is called Innkeeper's Bed and Breakfast Healthful 8 Grain Bread. There web address is

I am a sucker for anything baked. I'm going out to the kitchen and get some now.

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