Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mr. Smarty Pants Answer Man

Q. Dear Mr. Smarty Pants, Do you really believe God made the Earth in seven literal days?

A. I once subscribed to this theory, but no longer believe it. Now I know that God made the world in six literal days.

Q. Doesn't radio carbon dating prove that the earth is much older than around 6,000 years?

A. Carbon dating assumes that the ratio of C12 and C14 has not changed through time. This is typical of the belief by many scientists that "all things remain the same". When the fallacy of this assumption was pointed out to Dr. Willard Libbey, who founded carbon dating, he was trouble by it. In college I read Libbey's book on this dating method, which spoke of these reservations.

Q. If Noah only took two of each animal on the ark, what happened to the genetic line of the animals that he sacrificed in Genesis 8:20, after the flood abated?

A. Actually, Noah took seven pairs of clean animals, suitable for sacrifice (Gen. 7:2).

Q. You have been described as a "lone wolf" type of Christian. How would you answer this?

A. I have never thought of myself as a wolf of any kind. In my youth, I did aspire to be a lone Irish Setter, but now I am content to be a lone Cocker Spaniel.

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