Sunday, March 30, 2014

New Cardinals

A news item tells us that a bunch of new cardinals are to be appointed. I must buy more sunflower seeds. Maybe these will be different. No special robes or titles. Wouldn't that be great?

Back in the John Kennedy era, there was a very visible and active cardinal, Cardinal Cushing. For me, it was hard not to like him. See how "liberal" I can be?

He complained of his bulky, showy robes. "I hate them," he said, "I look like the Queen Mary coming into the harbor. Get out of the way all you little tug boats!"

Cushing told the story of a priest who confessed to him that he was losing his faith. "Don't be ridiculous," Cushing told him. "Losing the faith is for intellectuals. You and I don't have enough brains to lose the faith."

The Cardinal visited an old folks home, where he raised his robes a little, and did an Irish jig. Then he gave out little vials of fluid to the folks. "I'm giving you some holy water," he told them, "Don't drop it on the floor!"

I have no use for the Cardinal's religion, but I think he was a sincere man.

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