Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Long Keeper Tomatoes

Most of us love tomatoes, but isn't it a shame that their season has to end so soon? What if we could have them in November? This is now possible with a variety known as Long Keeper. There are other varieties as well. Their lack luster appearance can be deceiving, often appearing as unripe when they really are. But when cut open, their red color and good taste are appealing.

How appealing? Some really good friends of mine who lived next door, had a modest commercial garden. They supplied high class restaurants with their home grown tomatoes and peppers. When cold weather hit, the eateries asked for more.

My friends had some, partly buried in a compost heap. They explained the situation, dug out the Long Keepers, washed them, and delivered them to the happy establishment and its customers. While not a recommended storage technique , this does illustrate the keeping qualities of this amazing fruit.

Many are not familiar with this plant, so surplus numbers of them can be sold to those who would like to try them out.

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