Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Beauties

As a child I walked through a little park on my way to school. Early in the spring, the grass would be covered with tiny flowers. Someone explained to me that they were Spring Beauties.

They didn't stay long. They disappeared as suddenly as they had appeared. They even had their own "private bees", the Spring Beauty Bee. It too comes alive for a brief time, just to pollinate these flowers. Then both bees and flowers go back to sleep until next year. The grass they grow in has the longer life, but in their brief life span they have great beauty.

Israel has a very long lifespan too. They are the grass which will cover the earth some day.

I saw a tiny hand blown vase in a shop. It was less than an inch high. I once picked some Spring Beauties and put them in the vase.

This is like true Christianity. It springs up in the midst of Israel for a short time and, like the flowers, will disappear for awhile. The grass will grow lush and green, but the flowers will be treasured in a vase.

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