Wednesday, March 5, 2014

How to Kill a Woodcock

They are quiet, secretive little birds. They do no harm. I am amazed that anyone would want to kill them.

As a child, I read of a method used by hunters to distract them and then shoot them. A piece of bright cloth is tied to a thread and dangled from a tree limb. When the line is jerked the cloth dances. The birds are curious and come out of their concealment to investigate. When a woodcock is still, their natural camouflage makes them nearly impossible to see, so this strategy brings them into the open and makes it possible to kill them.

There are hunters and killers that are killing us, covertly now, but with plans for open action. Instead of a piece of bright cloth, they mesmerize with distractions beyond the imagination of those who lived a few generations ago.

I used to listen to Coast to Coast, and especially John B. Wells. Recently he was fired for going beyond the controlled media's boundaries. Since his firing, I have not listened to the program and intend never to again.

More than that I have lost interest in the controlled and edited news, except for a verifiable weather report. I am ashamed that, even skeptically, I ever listened at all. Those in the business call what we are subjected to "limited hangout". So-called controversial radio commentators seem to give us the truth about issues. This creates the illusion of freedom and hope.

I am not in doubt about America's future, any more than I am about the health of a person long dead. The Internet is not dead yet, but I am sure it will be soon, if only for technical reasons.

The victims of the Distracted Culture make it easy for their destroyers. The last words of Orwells 1984 are, "He loved big brother." Only a minority remember this. Today, instead, we love the dancing red rag manipulated by those who will kill us.

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