Sunday, March 2, 2014

Souls That Die

I don't mean "being separated from God", but dead. I admit to being caught up in this subject. Not because I fear my imminent death, but because I want to say these things while I may. If no one is stirred to look them up (online or paper concordance search) or no one cares, I am free from responsibility.

There was once a lady who put on a show of singing at Carnegie Hall. I believe her name was "Mrs. Miller". She would come on stage dressed in a Spanish costume and sing from "Carmen". She was not a trained singer. She was awful. People applauded to cover their laughter. Lines went around the block waiting to get in to hear her.

Mrs. Miller knew that she could not sing well, and that people mocked her. She said this: "People can say that I didn't sing well, but they can't say I didn't sing."

So it is with me. All I care is that people look things up for themselves, and not follow the traditions of the world.

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