Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pins on the Map

Leuren Moret is an expert on radiation and allied threats. To her the much laughed at "black helicopters" are no laughing matter. She has seen them up close and on the ground. While Linda Moulton Howe pioneered investigation into the phenomenon of animal mutilation with her book Strange Harvest, and may be the world's greatest expert on the subject, Leuren Moret has really nailed the significance of these "harvests".

She saw a map with two sets of pins. One was of mutilation sites. She asked what the other pins represented and was told they were reactor sites. Conclusion: the animal parts were taken to monitor radiation.

Poor Leuren, she gets so involved that sometimes she forgets the question she is answering, but her knowledge and insights are so valuable I forgive her. She starts where others leave off.

See the following items.

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