Saturday, March 29, 2014

Incomplete Fulfillment Equals No Fulfillment

Just been talking about the rush to declare prophecies either fulfilled or about to be.

A research scientist once stated that there were plenty of projects going on. So many in fact, that it was a laborious task to avoid duplicating research efforts. "What is needed," he said, "is an encyclopedia of ignorance, of things to do research on." I wonder how this would apply to the field of Bible prophecy?

It is so attention getting to declare events in the news as the fulfillment of a prophecy. The more sensational, the better. To gain instant "fame" and often money in the form of contributions or ad revenues, that is. Harold Camping would have been unknown to the public except for his repeated warnings of specific dates for "the end of the world." The infamous Millerites will be perpetually referred to as bad examples of prophecy scams. And so they were.

How credulous are the masses? What is the symbol for infinity?

Imagine someone so bold as to publish the aspects of Bible foretelling that are not presently occurring. It would really put the damper on many a career, as it should.

Briefly, must this very important realm of the Word be sensational? I believe that good Bible teaching and learning is not entertaining or exciting. It is a work of patient craftsmanship. Let the thrill seekers go elsewhere for excitement.

Someone described a partial jump over a ditch. You either make it, or you do not. There is no such thing as a partly successful jump. Likewise we must not claim that events fulfill prophecy until every event is present and in its proper order. Untrained idiots give my great love a bad name.

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