Monday, January 13, 2014

A Maylasian Fruit Market

I certainly am not qualified to talk about Maylasia, but I want to anyway, with your indulgence. I have no historical, cultural, or political knowledge, other than that gained by watching videos.

So what is it that draws me? A very humble desire. I would like to visit a fruit market like the ones I see portrayed.

I would need a guide, a kind soul who would explain what each item is. I would like to taste them all, and with guidance, converse with the sellers. What is this spiked fruit that is chopped open to get to its delicious looking interior?

Maybe because my father was once a market gardener, I admire those that do it so much. Do you have a stand, a blanket on the ground, heaped high with fruit or vegetables? Could we visit the folks with the blenders? Do you know how blessed you are? At least once, I would visit such a place, the nearest thing on Earth to the Garden of Eden.

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