Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The "Invention" of Monotheism

What an awful title. Sounds like a so-called scholarly article written by a highly educated dumb ass. As if Adam and Eve were not monotheists.

Lewis Sperry Chaffer said that "The only thing wrong with this theory is the complete lack of evidence in its support." Wish I had said that. What a put down.

The theory taught everywhere is just the opposite of the truth. So called early man, the knuckle dragging "caveman" with a club, is supposed to have had many gods. Eventually, with Tutankhamun's help, he came to believe in just one god. Tut had a problem though. His god was the sun.

Remember the (original) Star Trek episode of the discovery of a group who worshipped the sun god. Eventually it was discovered that they worshipped the Son of God. How this got past the censors I will never understand, especially acted by two Jewish stars. I felt they did a great job though.

It is true that we began with belief in the only God, and picked up gods after we fell. Like a kid who goes out with shiny shoes, but comes home with muddy ones.

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