Monday, January 6, 2014

Shake Yer Head!

Two men are in a razor fight. One slices the other's head off. The man laughs. "Ha, you missed me." The first man says, "Shake yer head!"

I finally realize how much evidence it will take to make people, including some in the church, to understand the state of the world. No amount will suffice.

Think of the names applied to those who warn of our coming disasters. When fighting irresistible truth, those who cannot argue back, resort to name calling. Should I live long enough to see those in the church, at least, see how bad things are, I will rejoice. But I do not expect to.

As far as getting everyone to work together (obese chance), to reverse things, they would need to clean up the ocean of spilled radiation. Further, they would have to remove the radioactive particles already ingested. Write your congressman on that one.

How pitiful and deluded are those who say, "You need a positive attitude." The Power of Positive Thinking does not apply here. Particles from Fukushima cannot be neutralized. Hopefully, soon they cannot be ignored. They are merely one threat that tells us the world's tent is collapsing.

For many, those who dare to mention these things are criticized for their "bad attitude". Sports, entertainment, and buying and selling rule the day. Soon "Shop until you drop" will come literally true.

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