Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Theology Expert--You!

A man who had spent some time at sea said that someone who could "box the compass" or recite the points on a compass dial was considered an expert. Now, many people do not think they are theologians. There is absolutely way too much humility around.

For the person who knows nothing about the Bible, you are perhaps the only one who can tell them about it. To them you are their personal theologian. You may work with such a person. Just the fact that you share your joy of the Word can have a powerful effect.

A friend of mine took a course in business law. When the prof quoted a Latin phrase for a simple legal term, my friend asked why Latin was used instead of English. The teacher smiled and said that it just had a "nice ring to it". Yes, and also it made such a term sound as if it were the sole province of the experts, the pros. Instead of helping people understand the meaning of the law, it helped to conceal it.

A lady told me once that she had taken a course on the book of Romans. "Our preacher sure straightened us out on one thing," she said. "We've got to keep the law to be saved." All I had to do was open my Bible to Romans and show her where Paul says just the opposite. Layman versus Preacher--the one with the scripture won.

I think of all the would-be legalists giving up bacon as they tried to "good their way" to salvation. This is just to say that those who get their truth on Sunday only, could really use some help. Quite often you will be their only help, their expert. Such a precious thing it is to give whatever you have. A cup of water to someone dying of thirst.

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