Monday, January 20, 2014

Half Way Through the Bible, In One Book

A lady asked me where she should start reading the Bible. Naturally, I suggested Genesis. When she quickly read through this wonderful book, she said she now could understand the rest of the Bible so much better. Could anything be simpler?

Now this will illustrate just how "cranky" I am. I really don't like people who over-examine simple narratives. Quite often they are like drivers speeding through the fog, over driving their headlights. Could we just read about the cast of characters and what they did? Who was in love with whom, and who took a long journey and met God? This is plain vanilla reading.

Certainly, we can just plunge in and read, and take it all in. Later, the experts can "draw lessons" from it, and show us how much they know. Just you and the book God wrote for you. Wouldn't that be wonderful? When Genesis closes, chronologically speaking, we are half way through the Sacred Sixty Six. And we did it all on our own.

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