Saturday, January 4, 2014

Setting Standards for God

There was a time, long ago, when people strove to meet the standards of God. Paul talks about his own efforts.

We're far beyond that now, at least many are. In our progress towards becoming gods, there is a common theme--whether or not God meets our standards. Often he does not.

Haven't you heard some say, "I couldn't believe in a God who ______"? You may fill in the blank. Perhaps it might be, a God who elects certain people to be his children, before they are born! In extreme cases, as in the Bible, he even chooses them before the world was made. This is horrible to many, too horrible to even think of, much less to believe.

Then there is a God who not only has certain people that he chooses, but by default, certain people who he does not choose. It gets worse. Some say he even hates certain people. Of course Esau is an exception--certainly a mistranslation. I know, the original text says "hated", but modern people say, "loves less". That's a lot more like the God we want to believe in.

The flood was a huge misunderstanding. I'm sure God won't make that mistake again, although Peter talks about "a fervent heat" melting the elements. This also needs working on. Maybe just ignore it.

The first chapter of John, Ephesians, and (especially) Romans nine are skipped over to avoid conflicts. Who wants conflicts?

So, the God we can believe in is taking shape, and soon he will be just the God we CAN believe in.

Note. I have been advised to take certain pills (they're available everywhere) to cure sarcasm. How am I doing?

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