Saturday, January 25, 2014

Not Worth a Drone

They were useless eaters. Some of the more able bodied might serve in a work camp, but most would be fodder for the incinerators. While this was the thinking of the FEMA people, these so-called non-elite, worthless underlings were well aware of their status in the eyes of their overlords.

Overlords? Yes that is who they were now subject to. Representation of the people by responsible government had long ago disappeared. It had disappeared while the Entertainment People spent over $10,000,000,000 a year on video games. Far from the playground for children, the industry occupied much of the lives of adults averaging 37 years of age. A time when citizens should have had knowledge and maturity. It was, rather, the time when people sought diversion and escape.

Escape was just what a party of escapees sought as they left their former lives to ply some of their nation's rivers. They sought the most obscure places practical, where, encamped they would wait for the soon return of their real Lord, Jesus Christ.

"But satellites will see us," the young cried out. "They will send a drone. There's no escaping them."

An elder reassured them. "We're just a tiny band, living in isolation. We're not worth a drone."

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