Thursday, January 23, 2014

Let's Not Talk to One Another, Let's Just Watch TV

Some of us are so ancient that we remember when there was no TV. As it got more popular, many said it would help to "bring us together". In a way it did. Whole families gathered to watch the shows. Some were even pretty good. But when it was all over, we had learned nothing about ourselves.

In no way am I suggesting a family pow wow. Meal time is good for that. but what I would dream of is beautifully portrayed in The Chosen, by Chaim Potock.

The story tells of a very fervent, activist father who would come home, and after supper, would sit with his son, drink tea, and talk. Years later, the son remembered those times of sharing and closeness. Though much of what his father spoke of was over his head, the boy was thrilled. His father treated him like a man.

Silly, sentimental me--it's an impossible dream--But imagine, that instead of electronics, we talked. Mothers to daughters, fathers to sons, mix and match, but children would be the "stars". I missed this entirely in my kidhood. There are more electronic devices than family members, by far. But how wonderful to just talk and listen.

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