Friday, January 10, 2014

Asking King Agrippa the Big One

Why should it be thought a thing incredible with you, that God should raise the dead? Acts 26:8

Ever notice how Christian apologists are so often on the defensive? Instead of confronting the world with God's truth, we are the ones being asked the questions.

I saw a little chipmunk far from his home in a pile of concrete blocks, being pursued by a cat. It sure looked like he didn't have a chance of survival. But, as the cat closed in, the chipmunk turned and leaped at the cat's head. He was suddenly on the defensive, being "attacked" by his tiny prey. When the cat backed off, the chipmunk began to run again. These tiny charges kept the cat at bay until the little guy reached his pile of blocks safely.

If a chipmunk can stop a cat in its tracks, surely the least of us, armed with the Word of God, can cause the world to pause and ponder. It is both a war and sports axiom, that you don't win by being on the defense.

Is it not appealing that Paul, the prisoner, asks King Agrippa a question that he cannot answer. It is so simple. "Do you believe? Yes, why don't you?"

There was a very clever Jewish lady at college who befriended the younger kids. While she was talking to a young Christian girl she mentioned that she was an atheist. She was a Zionist and a humanist. The young lady asked, "Toni, why don't you believe in God?" Toni, an experienced sophist could only reply, "Because I don't believe in a supreme being." As if restating her position in other terms was an answer. I knew the lady and it was the first time I had heard her mumble such a feeble reply.

It has been said that the armor of God has only one offensive weapon, the sword of the Word.

May I suggest that Jewish unbelievers explain Daniel 9:21 through 24. The only interpretation is that it is about their Messiah. In it, He and his identity are plainly revealed. Answer their questions, with questions that they cannot answer.

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