Friday, January 3, 2014

No Condemnation, No Separation, Romans Chapter 8

Who doesn't know this? I fear many do not know the heart of this wonderful book and the comfort it gives. For some, reading it would be pulling the plug on the religion industry. Because Paul's reassurance, though a joy to many, is bad business for others. Keeping people scared or doubting--millions of them--is at the heart of major religions.

Remember Ivan Tors, who was behind the "Flipper" series? He was a believer and practitioner in kindness versus pain in the training of animals. A cynic might say that this is just another way to control people, but I know it as a way to give assurance to those who fear the Bible, and especially, the Old Testament.

It is really sad how many Christians do not know that they have a guaranteed "Salvation Insurance" policy that cannot be cancelled, paid for by Jesus. When you mention this in many circles, there are cries of "easy believerism". To them, working for their own salvation is why they strive for perfection. Like the laborers in the parable, who worked longer hours, they resent the equal reward of those who worked fewer. It is the right of the Owner to give out equal salvation to all who believe.

If there is one person you know of who has not read chapter 8 of the Book of Romans, invite them to--urge them to. I'm sure they will rest in the wonderful peace of God if they do.

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