Thursday, January 16, 2014

What Time is the Next Swan?

An operatic singer (I believe it was Lauritz Melchior) was about to make a dramatic stage entrance riding a huge prop swan. But before he could get into it, two stage hands began to pull it across the stage. The scene was ruined of course, but the singer took it all in stride. He turned to another worker and said, "What time is the next swan?"

Now here I go again ranting about the sequence of events in prophecy. But I just watched a video where an earnest young man was warning about the rise of antichrist and the events of the latter days. All of this is important, of course, but these are not the times nor the people who will be involved in those happenings. If only we could apply scripture to the right people, and at the right time.

The revelation of the man of sin occurs after the revised Roman empire divides into ten nations, or toes, of Daniel's chapter two image. The people involved are the Jews and Gentiles who will be living at that time. After the revelation of this Man of Sin, and the great apostasy of the church, all Gehenna breaks loose.

For you and me it will be rapture time. For Israel, it is to be the time of Jacob's Trouble. We will exit "stage up" and be saved from this terrible time. So prophecy "hands", don't pull the ropes until the swan is occupied.

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